Monday, July 12, 2010

Drunk With Dancing

I got a wonderful surprise yesterday, when the Hysteric Cleric showed up to see me preach. 

The kids and I were discussing yesterday's service (they are fine critics), and The Princess commented on the Hysteric Cleric's dancing.

First, I have to mention that the HC is the only person I know who can compete with me in sheer, unadulterated lust for good music.  We are a bit competitive when it comes to finding a new jewel of a song, but happy to share.

Where the HC has me beat is in dancing.  He has no inhibitions.  NONE.  AT ALL.  He would dance in the face of Satan, if the song had some soul in it.  Including, or especially, at church.

"I think that he was drunk on dancing," noted The Princess.  She was quiet for a minute, then added thoughtfully, "I think more ministers need to be like that."

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hysteric cleric said...

I have no idea how to respond to that one. Possibly the greatest left-handed compliment anone has ever made about me.

But I can't hold a candle to this guy: