Thursday, July 30, 2009

There are two new lizard eaters in the Lizard Eater home

My friend, Witch Goddess, "whispered" in a feral cat, on the "catch, spay, and release" plan. "This cat is lactating," announced her vet. So she beat the bushes, found the kittens, and whispered them in. We took 2 of 3, two sisters, whom my kids have named Tabitha and Sookie.

I think this has been the longest time in my life I've been without a cat. Our 18 year old cat died, and then LW was rediagnosed, so not really the right time to get a new kitty.

They're pretty skittish, but getting lots of love. Tabitha (stripey one) is curled up inside my shirt right now. Hey, this attachment parenting stuff still comes in handy.


I will not be breastfeeding them.


ms. kitty said...

They are just beautiful, LE!

ccr in MA said...

They're very cute! Congrats on the new residents.

Shannon said...

You are NOT breastfeeding them? Oh- the udder lack of compassion! lol. okay, sorry that was lame. heh. cute kittens though!

Earthbound Spirit said...

such sweet faces... Great names, too.

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Kari said...

Oh I just want to snuggle those babies right up. So sweet!