Friday, July 17, 2009

Pablo's LiveStrong Video

Our little friend from Wilms' World, Pablo, who recently passed away, is featured in a new LiveStrong video. It's touching. Pass it on. (This was filmed back in February, when they thought Pablo would be healthy and healthy by now.)

Pablo and Jeff's Video

And, yet another article came out, letting us know that even for survivors, danger lurks ahead. But bless Dr. Dome -- the rock star of the Wilms' world -- if he can prevent even one doctor from telling another newly-diagnosed family that Wilms' is "the cancer to have."

The Husband and I watched the video together, I showed him the article. It's hard. We feel like our friends feel we should get over it, move on. Her hair is growing back and everything's fine, right? No one has said that, of course, and probably they don't feel it. They just don't know what to say. We don't either. Emily Post doesn't talk about this. We don't want to be bores, constantly talking about childhood cancer. But it's ever present. There is no goal line. We never get to spike the football, to paraphrase the movie "Parenthood."

"We might have thought there was," says The Husband. "But that's the first time. After the second time ..."

"Fool me twice," I say.


"Once you've taken the red pill, you can't go backward."

He nods.

"Or is it the blue pill? I can never remember which is which."

"It doesn't matter," he says. "We never got a choice."

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