Friday, February 02, 2007

Okay, I Fell For It

Ben turned me on to Wolf Warning, an article about a website that pastors can use to note troublemakers who go from church to church. Intriguing idea, but not so much with the "let's heal this person."

I admit, I read the article and fell for it.

Then I noticed some of the other articles on the site -- Bible code predicts Tenn. woman's hangnail, Southern Baptists launch pre-emptive strikes against Assemblies of God, etc.

Okay, so it's like a religious version of The Onion. Pretty funny stuff, though. Like this:

Kirk Cameron cut from Growing Pains commentary


ms. kitty said...

Actually, the page does exist (I expect you checked that out) and, though it's not very "nice" to warn pastors about difficult characters who might show up, there have been times I wish I had been warned!

Ben said...

The scary part is that people can imagine that kind of a web site...and that kind of parishioner.

But yes, WolfWarning is a spoof. But for my next example might I point you to the really radical religous right…Spoof or no spoof?

And don’t forget to sign up for next week's Evolution Sunday which, oddly, isn’t a spoof.