Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just a Night

How will I look back on tonight
Will it be barely a glance back
Just a night among other nights
A night like so many nights
One of many
One of a blur


Will it be the last night of an innocence
The last night of smiling
And feeling optimistic
The last night of wondering
And hoping that the nightmare is past

Must be up in 6 hours
No, 5 hours 53 minutes
Go to sleep shut your eyes turn off relax your mind
Don't think
Don't think
Of what tomorrow might bring

Could be more hope
Could be more smiles
Could be more days

Of just

Lower the volume
Turn off the worry
Stop the wonder of

How I will look back on tonight.


Berrysmom said...

Liz, you don't know me from a hole in the wall, but I"ve been reading your blog and following along with your family's story. My thoughts are with you tonight. The MRI is over, and tomorrow you get the results.

As UU ministers, we know that prayer won't affect those results. But I can pray for you that you find a way to live with the results and make the best of them, that you find a way to celebrate the upcoming holidays (all of them) with integrity and joy for... well, for whatever there is to feel joyful about.

Someone out here is holding you in her thoughts and prayers tonight.

Being Made said...

I'm another that you don't know... have been reading for a while. I WILL be lifting you all up in prayer tonight, tomorrow, and beyond. (I read that post. ;)).

Elizabeth said...

I hope that right now all is just regular old life - another night, another day and all is well in the family. Thinking of you and family, Elizabeth