Friday, September 23, 2005

Fleeing a hurricane

Left home 9:45 am.

Hour 5: was 20 minutes from our house.

DVD player not working.

3 kids, plus one 4 month old baby.

1 German Shepard

1 cat

101 degrees outside. We were alternately turning off the a/c or just keeping it low, to conserve gas. Already, we are passing cars that have either overheated or run out of gas. People are just sitting by the side of the road. All the businesses we pass are closed up. You can’t even go in anywhere to use the bathroom. We have plenty of food and water in the car, but I’m rationing it out, because I don’t want to have to stop for potty breaks. Which would be, “peeing in the weeds” breaks. About every 20 minutes, The Husband and I question ourselves – is it more risky to stay at home, perhaps facing a Category 5 Hurricane, or take this trip, and perhaps be stranded by the side of the road when the hurricane hits?

They interrupt the weather/traffic broadcast because Bush is giving a speech:

“We now got another hurricane coming, Hurricane Rita … As we meet our responsibilities in dealing with these two significant storms, Katrina and Rita, our focus on defending our country remains undiminished.”

He then proceeds to give a speech defending the Iraq war.

Can you imagine how comforted I felt?

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