Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Talked to VP at school

Okay, so I reached the Student Services VP. Very nice. Made me feel like if I go to The School, I won't just be a face in the crowd. I went to UT, where the idea of having an "advisor" is laughable. The "advisor" is some stranger that signs off on your classes, just making more red tape.

Anyway, Dr. K-- said that it's fine to not have an academic reference, two professional ones are okay. Hmm. Didn't ask him about both of my professional references being from volunteer work. Oh well, hopefully it will be okay. I've been a full-time homemaker for the past 6 years, maybe I can have my 8 year old give me a reference. Nah. I don't trust what he'd say.

"Although Mrs. C-- is liberal with her tv and computer privileges and makes really good pizza, her insistence on such items as bedtime, vegetables and brushing one's teeth leave me no choice but to withhold any recommendation."

Called my old boss for a reference, but she's out of town til the middle of next month. Am still going to try and get a reference from her, but am trying to hedge my bets with the two volunteer recommendations.

Oh, and Dr. K-- said that there's no minimum course load, unless you're applying for financial aid.

Glad I'm cutting coupons. Hmmm, maybe that can be part of my thesis -- "Jesus Saves! By cutting coupons and shopping wisely."

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