Friday, July 16, 2004

Start Me Up

Okay, with apologies to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, when you finally stop fighting and accept the call to ministry, you want the journey to ministry to begin "right now." Easier said than done, since I have three kiddos under the age of 8. But I want to at least dip my toe in the water, so I'm attempting to really-fast-hurry-up apply to a school of theology here, in order to take one evening class in the Fall semester. Just to see how this being a mom and being a student thing will work for me.

One little problem: ever since getting rk surgery on my eyes (back when they used actual knives), I haven't felt comfortable about driving at night. And the school is way downtown and I'm in the suburbs. And The Husband doesn't get home from his commute before the time I would need to leave for my class.

Still pushing on through, though. This weekend I'm going to drive out to the school, see how I feel about the drive. Then if all goes well, I get admitted, etc, we have a friend we have adopted as a third grandma who is willing to be the gap care for me every week. And if she has something come up, we're figuring that I can bundle up the kids and take them with me, then meet The Husband at the school and switch cars (and kids).

Am going to just keep moving forward, assuming that if the universe/God is so gosh-darn-fired-up about me becoming a minister, it will open up a way to make it happen. Hmmm, parting the Red Sea vs. figuring out a way for a mom of three with night blindness to go to night school. Not sure which is more difficult.

Feeling very lucky to have a friend in our church's pt minister -- just when I need some encouragement, she's there. She's not the cheerleader type, which is actually reassuring -- if she says something, I know that I can believe it, 100%.

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