Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Oh, those Born-and-Raised Unitarian Universalists

Lizard Eater is on vacay right now, but just wanted to put out a request into the universe:
Please stop the meme of "only people who chose Unitarian Universalism" (and weren't raised UU) are brave, smart individuals.  Being dismissed because I was born into this religion makes me all stabby. 
Thank you.


plaidshoes said...

Can't blame you - I would be, too! I guess I haven't seen that meme. I actually really appreciate that you were born a UU. Your comments on my post a while back really helped me focus that we are doing the right thing by raising the kids UU and not our parents religion.

Heather said...

I think it's easy for those of us raised in other (sometimes harmful) traditions to romanticize what it is like to grow up within the UU tradition. I know it is for me. Frankly, I'm envious of the born-UUs.

Maybe if we come-outers spent some time talking about the gifts our former churches gave us, and the born-UUs shared stories of how the UU tradition has been less than perfect, we might discover common ground. UU salon topic?

kimc said...

How awful! I was raised U and then UU, and I have not come across that attitude. Mostly I think I have been considered lucky and privileged by being raised UU. And, I myself consider myself to be very lucky to have been raised in such a great tradition.