Saturday, May 08, 2010

THOSE animals

Went for another soul walk today.  Didn't see any animals.  Probably because there were several people walking or running on the path. 

I walked along, peering in vain for a bird, a turtle, a squirrel -- any kind of animal.  Where are my gifts???

Humans are animals, breathed the wind.

Oh.  Yeah. 

Unlike with other animals, I didn't take any pictures of the human animals.  They might think it strange.  The non-human animals probably do, too, but they haven't figured out a way to report to the YMCA manager that there's a strange human, possibly dangerous, taking pictures down by the pond.

There was a man with a dog down by the edge of the water.  Both were well-behaved.  I think the man was training the dog, but it might have the other way around.

Three people, walking abreast and talking animatedly, came toward me.  They seemed disinclined to break formation.

Round and around I walked.  There was a jogger with a yellow shirt that I crossed paths with about three times. 

Time to leave.  I came upon a man who had just caught a nice-sized trout.  His eyes lit up when he saw me.  He was going to throw it back, but obviously wanted someone to show his catch to.  I get that.  "Spoon?" I asked.  "Spinning lure," he said.  He added that he'd had to walk all the way around the lake to catch it.  I'm not sure why.

Dang.  I bet he would have let me take his picture.


Masasa said...
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Elz said...

Loved it, LE!!! Thanks so much. I felt myself relaxing as I read along -- and remembering good walks of my own.