Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Two Old Men and a Seminarian

What do an agnostic, a conservative Jew, and a UU seminarian have in common? Well ... a class.

The first two are two old men who are attending Old Testament class with me. You can't see them, they travel along with me in spirit, and at home, they await my emailed class notes.

One is my father, who is getting both textbooks as an early 80th birthday present from The Husband and me.

He and his old college pal have made up, and his pal, of the conservative Judaism persuasion, is also along as a stowaway on my Old Testament trip.

Considering the back-and-forth exegesis my father and I did last year of the book of Job (it involved me referring to Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar as "ass hats" and him arguing that they were just trying to help Job figure out things) ... this should be good.


fausto said...

You and your father are both right.

ogre said...

Re: fausto's remark, who among us doesn't have at *least* one friend who's an asshat?

My real question for the Book of Job is... where are Job's close, dear friends? Certainly they weren't *all* asshats.