Friday, August 27, 2004

Introspection: Struggle between anti-elitism and frustration with complacency toward mediocrity

This is an issue for me. An area in which I need to come to some understanding, and an easing in judgment. Or do I. And there's the rub ... I don't like elitist attitudes; I think they're subjective and judgmental. To whit, the "Oh, I never watch tv. I just listen to NPR; tv is an idiot box" attitude. I think it hurts our religion. We accept our smallness by patting ourselves on the back and saying, "Well, quality not quantity."

But equally ... no, even more so ... I dislike the complacency with mediocrity that our country seems to be swimming in. Our boys and girls are dying in Iraq and it looks like they were sent there for no good reason -- "change the channel and turn on Survivor, Herb, and bring me those new Cattle-Ranch-Xtreme Doritos." Our popular tv shows and movies all trump good ole down home mediocrity over intellectual superiority. We are constantly being shown a puffed-up PhD who knows nothing of substance being triumphed over by a street kid with an 8th grade education. It is one thing to see that there is beauty and wisdom in simply living a normal life ... and quite another to feel that there is no personal need to better yourself through continuously educating yourself.

So, I'm torn one way and another -- and wind up judging both sides. Those who pat themselves on the back for never eating Velveeta and those who refuse to consider trying Thai food ... I judge you. Is it merely that I feel judged by both? By one, for being so "common man" and by the other, for being so ... well ... elite?

This is something I need to get to the bottom of.

And just for the record ... I like boiled peanuts. But I also like a glass of the Rabbit Ridge 2002 LPR Special Reserve Paso Robles.

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