Friday, November 21, 2008

Give away, give away!

I spent a very enjoyable day today, doing something I'd never done -- canning. (Candied jalapenos and "Annie's Salsa." I'm too lazy tonight, you can easily google either if you're interested.)

The adults in my family have agreed to just exchange "token" gifts, in these trying economic times. I'm taking it a step further (but still inexpensive) with homemade gifts.

I was able to do this because of my friend, Red. A few months ago, she emailed several of her friends and said, "I have a big pressure canner. Anyone want it?"

I jumped. I've always wanted to try canning. Tonight, I am glowing with my new "toy."

That's just the kind of person she is. If she isn't using something, she'd rather have the space. She passes things on. During All of This, Part Two, I've been dragging a huge rolling suitcase back and forth to the hospital. It was absolutely perfect, just as it was summer before last when I packed up the entire family's clothes in it for our vacation. The Magic Suitcase. For Red, it was just too darn big. "Who wants a big suitcase?"

Comes around and goes around. My old coffee table is at Red's house, my dining room set (passed down to me by my brother, which was left to him in a house he purchased) is in the BFF-DRE's house. And I have stuff in my house from both of them.

Maybe you have these kind of sharing circles already. If not, I'd encourage you to look around your house. This seems to be the time of year that a lot of folks want to slough off stuff, in preparation for the holidays.

That old canner you have sitting at the back of your cabinet just may completely thrill one of your friends.

(And of course, if your friends don't want it ... there's always freecycle.)

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plaidshoes said...

I really like the idea of a sharing circle. I also love canning. Jalapeno jelly is one of my favorites - especially around the holidays. I am glad you had such an enjoyable evening - you deserve it!